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I started writing a memoir in 2014 and found the material was too raw and painful to continue. So, I turned to writing short story fiction in 2019 and found an wonderful outlet for my bruised emotional state. I took on a challenge of writing 52 fiction short stories in 52 weeks. All of the stories had to be 2000+ words and could be about anything my imagination could conjure in a weeks' time. Stay tuned, 45 of those 52 shorts are at and editors now. I hope to have 10 or 12 of those stories for an Anthology by next summer, 2022.
I am also the coordinator for the Writers Connection where authors present workshops to their peers via Zoom or in person. A way of connecting writers; new and experienced to writers/authors are welcome to join our group. I, of course, learn from these amazing instructors giving all of us the gift of their knowledge.
Member of the Scottsdale Society of Women Writers.

Along with working on short stories I will be posting on this website's BLOG the monthly Writers Connection presenters and workshops.